8 Common Breast Shapes and the Best Bra for your Shape (2023)

When it comes to choosing the best bras, it’s critical to find the bras that fit your breast shape. The right bras set the foundation for every outfit. The right bras will make everything you wear look better, and make you look more feminine. But, finding the right bras can be very challenging and stressful as most of us do not know what bras work the best for our shape.

Well, today is the last day you will be wearing the wrong bra for your breast shape because we will be talking about different breast shapes and the suitable bras to be worn so that your boobs will look fuller and rounder.

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Wide-set breasts

This means that your boobs are wide apart, and whenever you purchase bras, you may feel there is gaping on your bra because most bras are designed for breasts closer together. Sometimes you may feel like your boobs are spilling out on the sides. Finding bras that offer much support on the sides is essential.

You want to push your boobs closer together, and the kind of bra you will choose will influence the appearance of your breasts. Here are the two best types of bras that will help you achieve this.

Front Closure Bras

These bras will guide your boobs together and give them a fuller and rounder look without padding or with light padding. Maybe you don’t like padding as they make you feel uncomfortable. You can choose the ones that are not padded as you will get the same results with the front closure bras.

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Balconette Bras

These are the best as they will give you half coverage for the bottom half of your breasts. They also give your boobs a rounded and lifted look as they gently guide them towards the center. This is a must-have if you love showing off your boobs or you want to look all glammed up and sexy at an event.

Small Breasts

Many women have small breasts, either A-cup or B-cup.


If you are flat chested or have average breast size, one of the best options for your breast shape is bralettes because they will give you full coverage without weighing you down, especially in the summer, that is, if your not looking to add volume.

Maybe you have been looking for ways to make your boobs look more prominent. You have tried exercising made changes to your diet, and nothing is happening. You shouldn’t stress yourself anymore because there are bras designed to boost your boobs.

Padded Bras

Big boobs? Oh yes! Well, this is it. Padded bras are designed so that your boobs will appear much more significant when you wear the bra, sometimes 1-2 cups bigger. This is definitely what you need to give your small breasts some boost.

Pushup Bras

They have a thicker bottom and a lighter top, and this pushes your boobs up, and everything will be showing on top. These bras are the best, especially if you want to draw attention to your chest area, as they can also make your boobs appear 1-2 cups bigger.

Deflated Breasts

We are living things, and as we progress through the different stages of life, our bodies tend to undergo some physical changes such as aging, loss of weight, and many others. Some women start having deflated breasts once they are done breastfeeding, which is very typical.

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Your boobs no longer have the volume they used to have, and the cleavage may look long and pointing downwards. This shouldn’t make you feel bad or even less confident. You need to find bras that will gather your boobs together and push them upwards. Two types of bras are good at doing that.

Plunge Bras

They look like a plunging V-neckline in the front. They will give you half coverage or ¾ coverage because the cups are shorter in height. I am sure you have come across these bras in the stores but didn’t know which breast shape should wear them. They can make your breasts look lifted and give you a naturally fuller and rounded look.

Pushup Bras

Since they have a thicker bottom and lighter top, your boobs will be pushed up and have a fuller and rounder look, making them appear packed. This is a must-have bra to give your deflated breasts the boost they need. Kris Jenner Kardashian has deflated boobs, and she has invested in push-up bras which make her look perfect.

If you wear more cleavage, you can use thicker paddings, but remember, the less breathable they are. The positioning of your padding is even more critical than the padding.

Instead of paddings, wear nubras. They are the best to create the cleavage you want because you can stick the numbers at the best position, that is, under your boobs, and they will be pushed up and towards the center, giving maximum cleavage and lifting.

Rounded and Full Breasts

If you have full bust, it would be best to get bras that will give you full support without added volume. The best bras for you are those that are underwired but unlined. Please avoid Balconette bras because you might notice your boobs are spilling out on top. Always choose minimizer bras if your goal is to downplay your chest.

Unlined and Underwired Bras

These are your boobs saviors as they will give you maximum hold and comfortability at the same time. They will also allow your boobs to have a nice and good-looking rounded and fuller shape. You also get a chance to choose from various styles created under these designs.

Minimizer Bras

They compress your boobs and make them appear smaller. They can also reshape your breast to a shape that sometimes you may like or not like (e.g. your boobs may look like one uni-boob.)

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You need to get the proper bra fitting, and also, you can try putting on a t-shirt as you try out different bras under and see if you like how your boobs look under the t-shirt.

Rounded and Not Full Breasts

If you are not looking to add volume, go with unlined and underwired bras for that support. If you want your boobs to look fuller, you have three options. You can choose to wear lightly padded push-up bras, demi bras, or any bra with plunging neckline.

Pushup Bras

Push-up bras are well known by many compared to demi bras, and they will give your boobs a good push-up, giving them a fuller and rounder look. They will even appear to be a cup or two bigger.

Before making your final decision, have a proper bra fitting session and try out both the demi bras and push-up bras and see what works for you and how comfortable you are in both bras.

Demi Bras

With the plunging necklines, these can push your boobs towards the center even without much padding.

Tear Drop (Bell Shape) Breasts

Sometimes when you wear t-shirts without a bra, people think you do have boobs when you have them. It’s only that your volume is fuller at the bottom and slimmer on top, making you look as if you have a flat chest.

Well, two types of bras will give you your confidence back as they will lift your boobs and give them a fuller and rounded look.

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Contour Bras/Molded Bras

They have pre-molded cups such that even when you are not wearing them, the cup is going to hold its shape. When you are wearing the contour bra, it ensures your breast tissues are evenly distributed within the bra cup, giving you a fuller, rounder, and more centralized look.

Balconette Bras

They are also a good option because they cover the bottom half of your boobs and give you the lift. They can also carry the weight of your breasts at the bottom and make the breast shape look more rounded, and the weight is evenly distributed.


If your straps go sideways, so will your boobs. If your straps stay together in the center, your boobs will look more centralized, giving you more cleavage and better shape. A Y-shaped bra on the back does the best job of keeping the straps centralized. It would be best if you got this bra.

Asymmetrical Breasts

One boob is bigger than the other boob. Sometimes this might happen during breastfeeding and also due to abnormal hormonal changes. This doesn’t make you less of a woman as it is a breast shape just like any other.

Bras with removable padding

The main goal is to try and make both boobs look symmetrical, and to achieve this, you need bras with removable pads because you need just one place to put it on the side to add volume or reshape that side, and your boobs will look more even in shape.

Shallow Breasts

You lack volume on top. This makes most bras a no-no for you as there is too much gaping in the middle and sides. Getting the fitting bras for the shape of your boobs is all you need to do.

Demi Bras

They are a type of plunge bra, and the height of the cups is shorter than the regular bras; that is why they can push your boobs towards each other and give you that lifted and fuller look. You can also choose to try the padded demi bras. They will provide you with that even more significant boost.

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Padded Bras

These are everyone’s favorite because of the way they give boobs a lifted and rounded look. They are also quite comfortable, but it depends on the amount of padding in it. The more the padding, the less satisfied the bra is. You can choose the ones with more padding if you want your boobs to be lifted more and very noticeable.


These are the best as you can stick them wherever you want in your boobs area. The same way boob tape gives you good service on your boobs is the same the nubras work. They are very comfortable, and assurance is for sure your boobs will look the best, and at the same time, you will be so pleased in your nubra.

Pushup Bras

Don’t let everyone notice you have shallow Breasts, yet you can give them an excellent lift using the pushup bras that are very comfortable and will make your boobs noticeable. You can choose what suits you best in the collection of different pushup bras keeping in mind that the pushup bras will make your boobs look 1-2cups bigger. This will alert you of your outfits and how careful you should be to dress well and make sure your boobs don’t look exaggerated on your tops or t-shirts.


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